"Presentation Mode" or "Presentation View" Option!!!!!

Idea created by elbori252004 on Sep 22, 2010

    ArcMap has the Data View and the Layout View, but what's really missing is a "Presentation View" or "Presentation Mode". If I have to give a briefing of my final product or disseminate to Non-Gis users, I have to either print out or export my product and build a presentation in powerpoint.

    The solution is the presentation mode. A simple function that would give you the option to select the toolbars needed for the presentation, (zoom, hyperlink, ect) table of contents, ect. It would immediately enter a full screen mode (like powerpoint) eliminating anything else not selected or needed.

    It would give me the ability to access hyperlinks to pictures, tables, and pie charts, pan to different areas, start at a small scale and end at a large scale map just to mention some of it.