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    I am currently the City GIS Manager for the City of Baton Rouge. We are driving our GIS efforts to be used in Managerial Executive Decision Making and Operational Field Books.   We are using ARCGIS online to build departmental GIS Communities to access dashboards for the executive staff.  Our choice has been to use GIS staff to use the ARC GIS ONLINE tool to push our web materials to the executive staff rather than have them "come to" for use mapping and decision making materials. We would ike to reference supporting documents on the ARC GIS ONLINE Document reference page. As we upload the mxd file location  on ARC GIS ONLINE we are describing the project file but we would like to link to other supporting  files as educational resources as well.
    Specifically (2) Files pdf  types  ( 1- a project presentation pdf file and 2- a pdf of the output from the project effort)  These files can be hosted on our server but we would like to have the reference on the map description page.


    For example: In our administrative Project Flow Process-Our GIS Staff builds new projects for managers to use. Then, we have monthly update training meetings with presentations of all new dashboards/project files as the files are upload to ARC GIS ONLINE for everyone to reference. We formally use this presentation to educate the user community on how the file was built and the recommended usages.   We would like to attach those presentations files with the mxd file onto ARC GIS ONLINE for future reference and a pdf of the output map. (or the abiility to link to a supporting document /pdf on our file server)


    The presentations are powerpoint /PDF outputs that have (8) visual slides that explain each project/dashboard with basic project management information relative to our implementation process here at the City of Baton Rouge. 


    Overview of the Current Project Presentation  Content that is outputted to a PDF File. 
    Slide 1: Describe Project/ Dashboard Scope
    Slide 2:  Current Development Strategy- outline to track strategy changes or refocuses for transparency
    Slide 3: Project Key Personnel Flow Charting
    Slide 4: Project Equipment  Architecture - Flow Charting the GIS/Field Equipment/Product Architecture Graphic illustrating the technologies involded in this project effort
    Slide 5: Data Flow - Illustrates the data flow path through all the pieces of equipment and software from step A to Step Z for the complete project cycle.
    Slide 6: Snapshot of Project Output Deliverables from this project/dashboard - Wall maps, interactive map, mapbooks, animations, etc.
    Slide 7:  ArcGIS Online Reference of File GO TO Location.
    Slide 8:   Lessson Learned Slides with Project Highs and Lows  a slide that lists (2) high points (newly learned funcationality, cool features, new analysis functions) and (2) low points ( data limitations, software/equipment limitations, adminstrative issues,etc)

    We have not added budget slide information yet.  But suspect the next step will be to add slides with financial benchmark measures as well. 

    This creates presentation slides of all City GIS Project efforts that can be used to update Council , Press, Decision Makers, Conferences, InterDepartmental Planning Meetings, at a moments notice, ETC.