Fix “ATTACK OF THE JAGGIES” vector transparency rasterizing issues

Idea created by Larry_Nierth on Sep 22, 2010

    Every since we have had the transparency tool located on the effects toolbar, we’ve had to deal with jagged edge artifacts of all vector layers that sit under the layer that has a transparency applied.  These “jaggies” ruin the look / appearance, and make the transparency tool only good for on-screen use only.


    I raised this question at the UC a few years back, and was told this involved a partial / complete rewrite of the graphical export engine, currently based on the Windows Meta File.  Has any additional work been considered with a possible ArcPress solution to un-squeeze the export and allow it to come across on exported files and prints as it should?  This would be a huge cartographical enhancement if we could see in the same thing in our exported file and prints that we see on the screen with regards to transparency.