View MXD data source properties

Idea created by Larry_Nierth on Sep 22, 2010

    I was cataloging some older ArcMap 9x projects, and in this process I had to open quite a few to map documents to check their contents and make reports of the data they contain.  I would have never thought of looking in the “set data sources” context menu to get this information.  It might be better to call this option, “View / Set Data Sources”.


    Here’s my idea:  When you right click and select “set data sources” on an MXD in ArcCatalog, add a button for “export to file” that lists the layers and corresponding feature classes used in the project that you already see in this window.  This way, users would not have to open all their MXD files to see what they contain, and the information could be copied to an email or text file (or even exported to a table).


    I really like the ability to see this information, categorized by data frame in the Set Data Sources window.  It is perfect and I love this functionality.  All we’d need is a button somewhere in that GUI that exports that table out to anything useful (dbf, tab delimited TXT, etc.).  If a button to export the info in a table cannot be achieved, we would still be happy to have the information that is currently displayed to be in a table that allows MS Windows copy and paste, so it can simply be snagged off the window that way.


    This would be a massive time saver.


    -Larry Nierth