Proportion Line Tool

Idea created by carrierkh on Sep 13, 2010
    I would like to see a tool where I could proportion a span of pipe.
    For example a span of pipe is 100 feet and I would like to proportion it into 4 spans of 25 foot pipe.
    Then I could use a tool to create a connection to the nearest vertice.

    This way as I am drawing my as-builts if I know that a connection is being made to a span of pipe I could proportion the line as need and automatically insert a manhole for instance.

    My thought is to build a cogo tool for water/waste water editing.

    In the landbase world you can cogo a parcel's demensions. In this case I am think about cogo where you could proportion the line and based on a break point insert a specific feature like manhole or fitting. The proportioning of the line would be based on the direction of flow on the line, therefore at the beginning of the process you would choose to proportion from the start of end point of a line.