Configure new file types (e.g. PDF) for Catalog window through ArcMap

Idea created by graeme on Sep 10, 2010

    With the advent of the Search and Catalog windows in ArcGIS Desktop, I would like to no longer have the ArcCatalog take up any screen real estate.  Something that I think I still need ArcCatalog for is to be able to configure new file types, such as PDF, so that they can be displayed and opened in the Catalog window.


    The technique for this is described at (for universal world files but applies equally to PDF).


    Rather than have to open ArcCatalog to do the above, then close and re-open ArcMap to have the new settings read, I think it would be MUCH nicer to simply open Customize | ArcMap Options and see a Catalog tab with the functions from the File Types tab of ArcCatalog Options.