Featureclass Display Profiles

Idea created by marcodif on Sep 8, 2010
    • marcodif
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    I would like to see the ability to save multiple "display" profiles for a featureclass to be available via a layer context menu.  Right now, I can create a defintion query and/or specific symbology based on a field or fields.  I can then save that as a layer file.  I can save numerous layer file definitions for a featureclass, load them in one at a time, or all together in ArcMap, maybe even grouped in a group layer.  But it would be ideal that these different display and definition query "profiles" be saved to the Geodatabase that the featureclass resides in.  Then in ArcMap, anytime someone adds a featureclass, they would have a tool in the Layer Context Menu that lists all the profiles saved, allowing the user to quickly swap between profiles.