Improve layout of Table window tools and info

Idea created by OEvans-esristaff Employee on Aug 20, 2010
    • mvolz47
    • nsavar
    • duri
    • dpettittva
    • rfairhur24

    It's great to be able to dock tables and have them tabbed, but the layout of the toolbars and other table information wastes a lot of vertical space.  This is especially apparent when docking a table at the bottom or top of the screen.

    There is an entire menu bar that says simply "Table."  Also, the active table name is shown twice, once on the tab at the bottom and again below the toolbar in a section of the window.  Again, the table name bar takes up the entire length of the window wasting all that vertical space.  Perhaps move to a tab UI simiar to the Chrome browser where the tabs appear in the title bar of the window?  This could potentially combine three of the rows that make up the table window and preserve all the information and functionality.

    Also, the table toolbar has only seven tools, but again, takes up the entire length of the screen.  It seems this could easily be consolidated with the record browser tools that are below the table.