Go Back to Previous Selection Button for Attribute Table

Idea created by goh_raj on Aug 19, 2010

    This idea has been merged with Save a Selection Set.

    For example: I start off with 700,000 records.  Let's say I perform a few queries (select by location and select by attribute) to obtain a specific selection of 300 records.  Maybe I need to calculate values for just 100 of those records. I would "Reselect Highlighted" those 100 and use the field calculator to calculate my values.  I would like to have a button called "Go Back to Previous Selection" to show the original selected features of 300 so that I can populate the other 200 records. Right now, I have to keep going through a long process to keep generating my initial selection after using "Reselect Highlighted."  Yup, I would love a "Go Back or Previous Selection" button. Here's a few mock buttons: