Extend FeatureSet - GP Services

Idea created by BC99 on Aug 11, 2010
    • zadar1
    • jwielki
    • BC99
    • ian.botts
    Extend the FeatureSet object in python to support dynamic query results. Currently a FeatureSet can only be retireved from a physical path (i.e. myFeatSet.Load("c:/temp/base.gdb/towers"). This is too restrictive and requires an expensive I/O opertation should the geoprocessing service only want a subset of the data. FeatureSets should support an in-memory method for retrieving feature results via an appropriate gateway (Select_analysis, MakeFeatureLayer or other feature-based query method). 


    myFeatSet.Load(MakeFeatureLayer_management <in_features> <out_layer> {where_clause} {workspace} {field_info})