MouseOver name for Graduated Colors

Idea created by MelindaG on Aug 11, 2010
    • mvolz47
    • nsavar
    • MelindaG
    • Musieness
    Hi - It would be really nice if when you were looking at the Color Ramp (like in the Symbology tool), if you Moused Over the color strip, it told you the name that it has when you turn off Graphic View. If there's a color strip I like, there's no way to know the name of it without counting its position on the graphic view, turning off graphic view, and then counting down its position in the non-graphic list view.

    For example, if I liked the graduated green coloring, the only way to find the name would be to count down from the top (it's 13 down). Then turn off Graphic View and count 13 down to find that it's called  'Green-Blues'. It would also be nice for new users who don't know to turn off 'Graphic View' but are looking for a nice Elevation color strip.