Deletion or Recategorization of Ideas and website navigation

Idea created by rfairhur24 on Aug 6, 2010
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    Being new to the website and not knowing where best to put my ideas about the website, I originally posted this idea under GIS Desktop Category.  I see a lot of similar non-Desktop ideas being dumped there because it gets a lot of attention and people may not know the category that best fits what they really are talking about (like me).  So that raises a question.  How can I or anyone else request that an idea be deleted or recategorized to clean up the Desktop category?  I understand that you don't want someone being able to vote for their idea repeatedly, so the options for editing and other things have to be limited, but as I said in my misplaced post I hated having to post an idea that I did not really know how to categorize and would like it removed or recategorized now that I know just to clean up the Desktop Category.  My misplaced post is here:

    However, the real original idea I wanted to suggest is to help me undersand how many Ideas have actually been implemented.  There is no Implemented count I can readily see.  Also I cannot navigate to the first and last page just to get a rough idea of how many Ideas are being implemented.  With just a Page Previous | Page Next navigation tool I have virtually no way to get anywhere quickly without doing a search.  If I have missed how the website really works to address these issues (which my first paragraph indicates I had in part) let me know, but the navigation of the new websites seems pretty non-standard compared to other website navigation implmentations.

    Also, while the Forum navigation buttons are more like what I really want for this page, why in the Forums does the navigation tool not appear at the bottom of the page?  I am tired of getting to the end of a page and having to scroll all the way back to the top just to preoceed to the next page.  (Last time I checked English readers that want to actually read a book don't turn a page until they reach the bottom of the page).  I beleive the navigation tools should always be at both the top and the bottom of the page to accomodate people who want to skip over a given page and for those that actually read it and want to go to the next page when they reach the end.