Support for Network Dataset in the ArcGIS Diagrammer (and add to core!)

Idea created by susanmoore on Aug 5, 2010
    Not in Current Product Plan

    LOVE the ArcGIS Diagrammer. I'm currently using it to create a new transportation data model that includes lines, points, polys and topology. Every time I've needed to modify field lengths, Allow Null Values flags, etc., it has worked great. However, once I introduced the network dataset, I lost the ability to easily make tweaks to my model because the Diagrammer doesn't support network datasets :-(.

    Now if I need to make a model change, I have to drop the network, bring the XML into the Diagrammer, tweak, publish, import back into a gdb, then re-create the network dataset. I've spent a great deal of time creating my network dataset attributes, and re-creating them every time I need to make a modification takes way too long!

    This tool is fantastic for data how about in addition to adding network dataset support, make it part of core Desktop