Integrate with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect CASE tool for Geodatabase modeling

Idea created by PFitts-esristaff Employee on Jul 29, 2010
    Under Consideration
    In previous versions ESRI supported Visio or Rational Rose as a CASE tool for Geodatabase modeling. These CASE tools can be cumbersome to use or expensive. We are seeing more and more that Enterprise Architect ( is the CASE tool of choice in projects where data model documentation is required, but without Geodatabase integration it is difficult to use for data model development. 

    Enterprise Architect is relatively inexpensive CASE tool when compared to Rational Rose, and it performs significantly better than Visio. Having the Geodatabase types integrated into EA, similiar to how they are in Visio and Rational Rose would provide a robust CASE tool for Geodatabase development that does not require an ESRI CASE tool to be developed, and it would satisfy the user community that has requirements for data model documentation.