Legend File modifications

Idea created by 1_mtuffly on Jul 27, 2010
    In ArcGIS it would be nice if the legend file worked like the ArcPlot LUT.  That is if I have a GRID  that has values 1- 10.  I create a master legend file that contains all possible values (e.g. 1 -10).  Now I use this master legend file on 20 other GRIDs; however, some of the GRIDs have values 1- 8.  In summary I would like the single master legend file to reflect what is contained in the map.  That is if I have values 1- 10 I would like the legend to be populated with values 1 -10.  If I have values 1- 8 I would only like values 1 - 8 be populated in the legend.