Construct Feature Toolset

Idea created by on Jul 26, 2010
    • jwielki
    • farmik
    • Jake_Diebolt
    • cjackman
    • jakek
    • pcrosier
    • bryngary

    Dear ESRI, will you PLEASE provide the following tools so that I can build half descent features?

    1. Chain and Offset
    2. Create Grid/ Snap to Grid (For construction, can be deleted once feature is built)
    3. Fillet
    4. Snap to Graphic
    5. Bilateration/Trilateration
    6. Extrude
    7. Make erase a standard tool
    8. Create square (By width)

    These tool should be self explanatory, I can elaborate if required. I have used similar toold with great effect and have produced almost an entire town, though without these tools I can barely build a church.....
    Please ESRI...please