Minium pixel/distance tolerance while creating/editing features

Idea created by burt_mcalpine on Jul 21, 2010
    • burt_mcalpine
    • alexroma

    Give the user the ability to set a minimum pixel/distance value while working with polylines and polygons.  The accidental (*******) double click can make extra vertices or worse yet generate an extremely small part in a polygon feature or add a small segment to the end/ middle of a polyline feature.  Currently ESRI has no topology rules to be able to find or fix these and they recommend generalize, not a good option as it changes your data.  I see the extremely small parts on parcels all the time in Illinois in many county GIS programs.  They are fixable, but you have to send it to single part and calc the area to find them.  Sure would be nice if the user could prevent them from being created in the first place.