SDE preconfigured tracking fields

Idea created by Blindside on Jul 19, 2010

         So here is my idea:

            SDE needs default tracking fields BUILT INTO IT! Just as the shape fields are created when a new feature class is created, these default tracking fields would be as well.  It would also be great to have the option to add/remove them at any time as well. Also, it would not only create the fields it would do the automated tracking as well

         What I really want is for the Editor ID functionality to be built into (hopefully expanded) SDE. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the Editor ID tool found here:  It provides a great template for what I am looking for since it tracks only 5 fields.  Those fields are:


         Now I know what you are wondering, "Why don't you just use the Editor ID tool?"  Well since it was created with Visual Basic and Arc10 won't support it I am left with this dilemma.  It simply got me to thinking about why these fields aren't preconfigured when I create a feature class.  I know that just about everyone would find these fields useful (especially DBAs and Editors), and if you have the option to remove them if they aren't needed it really wouldn't affect those that don't want those fields in their feature classes.


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