Remote live viewing sessions of UC Plenary hosted by Regional Offices

Idea created by cmcclain on Jul 13, 2010

    I have followed the last few ESRI User Conferences, Federal User Conferences, and Developer Conferences via social media and have really learned a lot.  I commend ESRI for embracing social media and making as much content from these events available online after the fact.  With today's technology I would like to see ESRI take this a step further by having their regional Offices host remote live viewing sessions of the 1st day's Plenary Session as this seems to be the show piece for the whole event.

    I envision each regional office hosting 1 or more satellite viewing locations within their region depending on the level of interest and availability of venues.  As far as venues go I could see places like movie theaters, large hotel conf rooms, college lecture halls, etc working out well.  If lunch were included I would not mind kicking in some $ for the experience.  That is an experience that I and probably many others who are unable to make the trip out west would enjoy and attend.  If a regional office wanted to take the initiative they could add some talks, presentations, or other activities and make a full day out of it as I am sure this would only increase interest.

    Please spread the word about this idea so hopefully we can try and make it a reality for the 2011UC.

    Chris M