Scale bar fixed size

Idea created by mbishopp on Jul 8, 2010
    We have an issue with the scale bar in ArcMap resizing itself when we would like it to stay at the physical size of one inch even when the actual scale is odd (say 1 in. = 531 ft).  We have noticed that the scale bar resizes even when the resizing setting in the Scale Bar Properties is set to Adjust Division Value only.  The technical staff at ESRI has said that the resizing of the scale bar happens because the scale bar units are actually rounded so as not to have an odd scale.  We are not so concerned with the scale being an "understandable value", but are concerned when the division units of the scale bar are not equal to one physical inch.  (In other words, users cannot use a ruler easily to determine a distance on the map because the division unit on the scale bar, for the most part, no longer equals one inch when an odd scale is rounded).

    I would like an option where the scale bar does not resize because of rounding, but rather the scale bar's physical dimensions remain fixed no matter what the scale.