ArcCatalog - GIS Servers - Add Folders Capability

Idea created by bcrumpler on Jul 6, 2010

    In ArcCatalog GIS Servers, it gets difficult to identify the correct server when you have a list of 50+ server connections.  What would be extremely helpful is to add the capability to add folders for grouping purposes within the GIS Servers window.

    Since the data pulls from the documents and settings folder in Application Data\ESRI\Desktop10.0\ArcCatalog, there should be a way to add folders to this folder and to bring in those folders as well as server connections into the GIS Servers menu item.

    For me personally, this would be advantageous to group servers by purpose, region, etc.  I would think that other agencies, states, and companies would find benefit in being able to bring in the right server connection, especially if there are multiple instances (ie. development, productions, instance arcgis1, arcgis2, etc).

    Brian Crumpler - GIS Manager
    Virginia Department of Emergency Management