Display ArcGIS Online item thumbnail, status, etc in Catalog Pane hover-over

Idea created by Jake.Adams@UtahAGRC on Oct 8, 2020
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    • Jake.Adams@UtahAGRC

    2.6 included a lot of great updates for searching for ArcGIS Online items in ArcGIS Pro's catalog pane/view. However, it is still difficult at a glance to see what items belong to whom and are authoritative or deprecated in the catalog pane. We have invested time into creating branded thumbnails and we actively use the Authoritative/Deprecated flag, but neither of these show up in the Catalog Pane's hover-over popup.


    For example, even when sorting by relevancy, our authoritative road layer is buried amongst several other similarly named items, and you have to look at the "Owner" field to see if you're pulling the right one in:


    Current hover-over information


    Having the thumbnail and green check/red X in the hover-over would go a long way to visually identifying datasets with a quick glance.