Read Only Shape Field Should Restrict Map Geometry Edits

Idea created by colgateg on Oct 5, 2020

    I ran across a discussion post from December 2009 describing functionality that I believe should be implemented for any editing tools regardless of the data source. I will describe my own use case inside ArcPro 2.62 with enterprise data connections.


    In the layer fields design window, I can control the editability of the attributes for a layer. One of the fields exposed in that form is the SHAPE which holds the geometry for that record. If that field is marked as read only, the ability move, rotate or scale the selected feature should be disabled.


    This or some other method of disabling spatial edits on a given layer while still preserving a users ability to edit some or all of the attributes would be extremely helpful.




    This is a duplicate of Provide option to lock geometry while editing attribute table .  Please visit that idea to add your support by voting and use cases in the comments.  Thank you!