Model Builder/ Tool Scheduler and Notification.

Idea created by MicahW on Jun 28, 2010

    I'd like to see a scheduler build into model builder and a notification system when the process has completed or broke. 

    Just to let you know; I understand that i can export a model to a script and then schedule it with Windows tasks. I do that 8 times a night and 9 on the weekends. 

    I also add a .py script that adds a tweet when the script runs/breaks. 

    But doing that all the time for a simple 'Off-Hours' run of a simple tool is annoying and inefficient. The back-end stuff is essential for running an up-to-date website. And because of the lock that Server puts on SDE feature classes, it is crucial to do this during the night. 

    How has this not been suggested yet? Did i miss it?