Collect points in "groups"

Idea created by farmteam on Sep 21, 2020
    • farmteam

    One of my use cases is collecting the locations of sampling points. The sampling points are all related to one main sample ID which I assign with the Project User Input.


    So for example, for Sample 100, I update the user input field as "100", and then mark the sampling locations as I move across the site. I then move to another site to collect Sample 101, update the user input field to "101", mark the sampling locations and move to the next site and so on.


    I often forget to update the user input when I move to a new location so some of my points can get the wrong value in this field which means I need to manually correct it. It would be useful when collecting points in groups like this to have a Start/Finish button which prompts me to update the user input field.


    I could achieve this by making the user input field required and closing and reopening the project after each set of points are collected but this is not ideal.