ArcGIS Pro Create Locator Options need to be as capable as the "Legacy" Address Geocoders

Idea created by bswade on Sep 10, 2020
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    In ArcGIS Pro



    • Spelling Sensitivity
    • Side Offset
    • Side Offset Units
    • End Offset
    • End Offset Units


    Into the Geocoding options for the New Create Locator Tool in Pro 2.6.


    These options have been with the Geocoding tools in both ArcMap 10.x and ArcGIS Pro almost forever.


    Our company uses these options for custom geocoding and its elimination has huge consequences for our future use of this product.




    The current Create Locator Tool in Pro 2.6

    "New" Create Locator tool



    The Legacy Address Locator Tool:

    Legacy Address Tool



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