No longer points, lines and polygons decisions - information items instead

Idea created by m.mundtesri-de-esridist Employee on Jun 25, 2010
    GIS uses points, lines, polygons and further more complex types of feature classes.

    However, the user is not interested in these types. The users wants to edit information.
    To edit an object within GIS you may want to to do the following:

    - edit a border
    - edit some buildings
    - associate one or more documents and fotos
    - edit ways

    So, why is the user responsible for creating each single feature class for these kind of information.
    Why does the user need to know, what a feature class is, anyway?

    My idea is to provide a new item within geodatabases.
    The user simply has to create an item and give it a descriptive name - like "industry".

    There is only the item "industry" visible for the user, but he has the power to edit, what ever he wants.
    Points, Lines, Polgons, attach documents, ...........

    In combination with the new edit templates this would be great.

    So, keep it more simple! Make it more easier for NON GIS Professionals.
    Reduce GIS specific handling of data at user's interface.

    Good idea?