Filter layer by using symbology as a toggle

Idea created by BB1234 on Aug 23, 2020
    • BB1234

    In ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro, it would be great if we could filter layers by simply clicking the symbology in the table of contents.


    In other words, add a toggle/checkbox to each level in a layer's symbology. Users could click the toggle to include/exclude the features in the map that are part of that symbology.


    Or alternatively, select the symbol's label/text to include the features in the map. Or deselect the symbol's label/text to exclude the features.


    This would add efficiency to day-to-day work by eliminating the need to write tedious definition queries (WHERE clauses with IN operator) just to include/exclude a certain type of feature from a layer.


    (Or another way of approaching it might be: enable an option in the layer's properties that allows users to generate the definition query by simply clicking checkboxes in the symbology.)




    This is a duplicate of Toggle visibility for individual Categories on Symbology tab  Please visit that idea to add your support.  Thank you!