Idea to Trace Geometric Network Flow

Idea created by muhammadattique on Aug 4, 2020
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    • muhammadattique
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    ArcGIS Desktop v 10.6.1 or later

    I have an idea while trace Geometric Network flow , by default we have three options 

    1. Determinate flow
    2. Indeterminate flow
    3. Uninitialized flow

    for Indeterminate flow & Uninitialized flow ESRI uses a black filled circle and it is very difficult to identify that black dot comes from Indeterminate flow or Uninitialized flow. See GeometricNetworkFlow_MyIdea.pdf

    The Idea is for Indeterminate & Uninitialized flow, just change suggested symbol shows in attachment , I think it is more clear for every users while solving Geometric network flow issue , either to resolve disconnection or loop, it can easily be traced.

    Idea & applied symbols also showed in GeometricNetworkFlow_MyIdea.pdf


    Symbol Explanation :

    Idea_Indeterminate: (Symbol shows loop, mean Geometric Network did ‘not recognize flow direction)

    Idea_Uninitialized: (Symbol shows disconnection from the source feature, mean that, it not connected to the source)