Allow FREE editing on ArcGIS Enterprise

Idea created by gareth_finney on Aug 3, 2020

    OK - Playing the devil's advocate here, but really this is about getting some responses and feedback on our current predicament...


    Case it point (current set up)

    • No federation with Entereprise, all AGS Nodes are standalone
    • Secured map services/REST being consumed by our Geocortex applicaton (although this could be any WAB, or Experience Builder now). This is not confined to just geocortex.
    • Have a number of users (500+ trained) currently editing fire shapes and operations data in our 'editable' sites
    • We have 5000+ Users viewing data in our other 'non-editable' sites
    • Seamless between Edit and Read only sites/applications (there is currently no distinction or restrictions)
    • We operate on external network ie. This is cross agency and needs to be available outside of our network



    We would like to implement Enterprise and federate our AGS nodes with it.

    • Geocortex respects the Enterprise/portal licencing model, so no issues here. It works well.
    • Enterprise restricts access to our Sensitive REST endpoints
    • We need to now use Named User priveleges to Edit 
    • Costs - 500 x $280 approx (Editor NU level) = $140,000 to EDIT IN THE SAME SITE as our current arrangement


    This is purely Enterprise we are talking about here. We have paid for it, and now just want to use it across our geocortex sites (as a first port of call), but we simply cannot afford to federate with it! 


    Is anyone else having the same issues we are?

    I can understand why there is a cost to edit in an AGOL world, but why in an self-hosted architecture?