Tally sheet format for repeats

Idea created by wunderlea on Jul 15, 2020

    I want to begin by saying that our company has been using Survey123 for the past 2 years and finding it quite helpful for our field work. We are always excited by the new developments and the continuing improvements we see. We do have an idea for an enhancement that would be applicable to many forestry surveyors or anyone who needs to record tallies in the field.


    Our company completes forestry surveys every summer. In order to get a tree tally, we use repeats so that we have a resulting related table with all trees and their specs. However, the repeats in their current form (changing page using "+" or "-") are very awkward for our field workers as they need to see what trees they've added, or add specs to a tree they added 2 trees ago. What we would really like to see is the repeat "growing down" like a table, adding a line for each item added so that the surveyor can see at a glance what trees they have 'collected'.


    Also we would like to be able to update the values. For example, if a surveyor has a prism and is sweeping the plot, they will count the number of different trees they see to a partner. The partner can add the trees in the survey (if a new species) and update the 'count' (if a previously found species) for each one as they are found by the prism sweep. Then later different measurements can be made on representative trees in the plot, which would be easier if the surveyor could see all repeated records at a glance. 


    Thank you for your consideration.