Allow QuickCapture to capture indoors & without GPS fix

Idea created by Langdon.Sanders on Jul 10, 2020
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    Currently the QuickCapture product offers a fantastic user experience for collecting new data; however, there's a limitation that it will only records when a GPS fix is achieved. Sometimes adding new features does not necessarily require a spatial location so either a dummy location or tabular data collection would be helpful.


    A specific use case is an occupancy counter we've created for Covid-19. We use QuickCapture to add and "subtract" users based on adding data with coded values of +1 and -1, displayed in an operations dashboard. This could be used in buildings and other areas with poor GPS signal if not for the current limitation which as of now can only be used outside. It could also be used for ArcGIS Indoors and other asset inventory collection.




    Here's our App

    Pool Occupancy Counter Dashboard & How it was built 


    Shout-out to GIS Manager, Aaron Greiner, GISP at Des Moines Iowa for building one as well. Aaron also suggested editing related records as a potential solution which is currently not supported in QuickCapture.