Improve what ArcGIS Pro Catalog View shows

Idea created by Hornbydd Champion on Jul 9, 2020
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    The Catalog View in ArcPro provides a similar looking view into your data as ArcCatalog but it needs to be improved to allow us users to get the most out of our datasets.


    Here is a view from ARCCATALOG:



    With a glance I can see one Feature Class is compressed and very usefully (if turned on) I can see the size of the Feature Classes.


    Here is the same geodatabase seen in the ArcPro CATALOG VIEW:


    • It has a date column that appears never to populate
    • I can't tell which Feature Class is compressed
    • I can't see the Feature Class size
    • It appears I cannot alter which columns are displaying (unlike ArcCatalog)


    If ESRI intends to phase out ArcCatalog in the future, you need to make this view much more informative as frankly there is nothing here to help me.


    At a minimum I would like to see if the data is compressed, file size, number of features.


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