New Simbology

Idea created by hbagro on Jul 1, 2020
    • hbagro

    In my line of work (agronomy, forestry) all the maps that I prepare show not only the location of a tree, but its status. 

    What do i mean by "status"? 

    In Israel every tree is protected by law. So, for someone to tear a tree down means that he needs to get the appropiate approval (from the forest council, local or national)

    In order to get that approval he needs to prepare a "Tree Survey" that shows where are the trees and what do you plan to do with them (=Status): tear it down, tranplant it or keep it in its place. 

    The Simbology used for this kinf of maps doesn't exist in ArcGis simbology. 

    I'd like to propose to add this kind of simbology to existing options in ArcGis.

     Proposition for new simbology for trees


    I'm not just proposing any simbology that I like.

    This simbology is approved by the Israel Planning Administration office for all the planners to use. 


    For any questions, you can contact me. I'll be happy to answer to any questions you have.