Unitize UVs operation

Idea created by Abele_Giandoso on Jun 16, 2020

    It woud be fantastic to be able to peorform a Unitize UVs CGA operation  like in Maya, even if only for shapes with 4 vertices.

    So basically you take a 4 vertices face and its UVs are repositioned so to be a exact UV square. 


    It would allow to do great things in combination with the InsertAlongUvs command, like allowing any asset to be warped into place exactly on any non rectangular 4 vertices face. 


    For unitize operation I mean a command that:

    Re-positions the UVs of the selected faces on the boundary of the 0 to 1 UV texture space as they appear in the UV Texture Editor.

    Basically a "rectify and squarize UVs" option.