Collector: Table editing by field/display extent

Idea created by prowland.CALFIRE on Jun 4, 2020
    • prowland.CALFIRE

    I work in forestry and I am trying to implement collector for tree measurements (re-measurements actually, on permanent plots). The app is so close to being amazing but it is quite a hassle to switch between features, especially when we almost always do one measurement at a time (i.e. get all diameters, then get all heights etc.) and its rough to switch between features while the crew is calling out measurements. It would be incredibly useful to be able to configure the pop up so instead of editing all attributes for one feature, to edit one field for all features in the current display.  Kind of like editing an attribute table but with only a few fields and features at a time. The screenshot attached is a rough mock up of what my dream app would look like.


    I understand this is probably not a minor adjustment/addition. But it would be tremendous.