Collector for ArcGIS: Improve Secured Layers Prompt in Android

Idea created by LTS_DSolari on Jun 4, 2020
    • LTS_LMedrano

    The "Authentication Required" prompt for secured layers in Collector maps is very clear and easy to read in the iOS version of Collector but is much harder to read in the Android version. Several users I support use Samsung devices for field collection and the prompt that appears in this version of Collector has barely legible username and password text fields. Many of these users can't see these fields which leads to hours of lost time troubleshooting the issue. Oddly enough the rest of the prompt is correctly using white fonts on black, including the non-placeholder username and password entries.


    At the very least I'd like to see the styles for this prompt updated to make the fields legible. Ideally I'd like to see the secured layers workflow on Android altered to match the workflow on iOS as this has proved to be less confusing for our users, but the former would be a quick fix.