Option to change size of Selection (Point) in ArcGIS Pro

Idea created by pescatoreec on May 28, 2020
    • pescatoreec
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    ArcPro was officially released 5 years ago and I am surprised this has not been asked as a feature improvement. Please correct me if i'm wrong but there does not appear to be an option. The selection display has major limitations, specifically on the selection visibility options. This seems as though it was an oversight but there needs to be a option to overwrite the Selection effect for Point (and even Line) features. Currently you are only able to change the default color of the Selection. In ArcMap you can completely control the Shape/Size/Color etc. The user experience is inconsistent between ArcGIS online, ArcPro and ArcMap. While i find it adorable that the selection of a "point" feature conforms to the shape of the symbology. There is an inherant problem with this, it doesn't become CLEAR what you currently have selected. Take this example below in the attached photos.


    Bad Selection shows ArcGIS Pro, can you identify the two features selected? 

    Selection conforms to the shape of the Symbology for Point features. Making it difficult to visiblely see what was selected

    ArcMap Selection shows that i modified the default POINT Selection size to be larger (12 pt), the selection radius currently overlaps the feature symbology.

    ArcMap allows for full modification of the Selection "Size"

    ArcGIS Online Selection - This shows how Selections work inside a web app, there is Feature Selection and "box selection" that comes when selecting a pop-up feature.

    ArcGIS online currently has two selection types, 1 selected from a table or query, the other a Box selection generated by Pop-up

    In both ArcMap and ArcGIS Online the selection spills over the Point feature class for quick identification, in ArcGIS Pro the Selection appears to CONFORM to the shape of the Symbology Point and (also the line). This is not as bad for Line Selection but there is also disadvantages there. There is only an option to Change the color of the selection not modify how it visibility displayed on Map.


    Request that 

    • Option to Increase the Selection default size for Point feature class, attempt to mimic similar to ArcMap. 
    • Option to turn off "Conform to symbology shape" in favor of allowing the selection display to OVERLAP the feature.
    • Also note that if we are modifying selection, ensure that Line and Poly selection conform to similar user experiences. 


    Feature Benefits

    • Actually tell what was currently selected when dealing with symbology that is lower than 6 pt size.
    • User Experience become similar across all platforms