Map Series View Extent based on related features

Idea created by LehighCountyPA on May 27, 2020
    • LehighCountyPA
    • tmmaccel

    I'd love to see related features be taken into account for view extents in ArcGIS Pro's Map Series.

    For example I built a map series for our Voting Precincts. They have related Polling Locations. The voting precinct is the index on which the map series relies. Sometimes the polling location is outside the boundaries of the precinct. Sometimes so much so that it doesn't show on the map. 

    If I change the extent %, it affects all maps in the series so in order to make sure they all show their polling places, I'd have to go through the whole series to find the farthest range and adjust the view extent. Then any precincts that contain the polling place within its boundaries will look unnecessarily small.

    So, basically I'd like to see the maps series be able to automagically zoom to an extent that contains both the index feature and any related feature in the map.


    It will keep maps like this from happening (the polling place would normally be a point on this map but it falls outside the extent):