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Idea created by akross on May 22, 2020
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    In ArcGIS Pro 2.5.1, a new feature was added that offsets all pasting, which was implemented in response to user demand, according to ESRI Support Canada.  This creates so much more work!  Please allow for pasting to the same location to be set as a default for all elements.


    When labelling and annotation do not work for a particular Layout, which is often the case, we insert text.  If we have multiple Layouts in a project, which we usually do, we used to be able to set the text once, and then copy and paste it to the other Layouts and they would be in the same place on the map (when the layouts use linked maps or bookmarks).  We also create title boxes with text which we format carefully in the first Layout then paste to the other Layouts.  With the new feature of offsetting all pastes, now after pasting we have to manually move the text or box back to the correct location. 


    Pasting to an offset position made sense in ArcMap, but it doesn't make sense in ArcGIS Pro.  In Pro, there's a table of contents where all elements appear, and you can easily find and select your pasted item and move it if you want to.  In ArcMap, this wasn't an option so pasted items could get lost.  They can't get lost in Pro. 


    The paste to an offset position would never be where you would want the paste to stay.  Those who want the offset will be manually moving the paste anyway.  Please don't make everyone have to move the paste.


    Please reset the default to paste in the exact same location for all elements.  If offsetting has a real benefit in Pro (which I fail to see), then let it be an option that users can set globally, but not the default setting.  For the rest of us, please let the default be to paste in the same position as the copied element.