Improve Arc Catalog Functionality

Idea created by stephen_hall on Jun 20, 2010
    The more I work with ArcCatalog to build a Spatial Data Catalogue the more I find out what a difficult and limited tool it is to work with.
    Here are some ideas to improve it's functionality and ease of use.
    • Auto refresh - having to manually refresh EACH individual folder in each view when ever changes are made is absurd.
    • Schema Locks - if the file has been removed from Arcmap, ArcCatalog needs to know this. Having to shut down Arcmap every time you need to use the files in Catalog is a serious concern.
    • Geoprocessing tools do not recognise the .vbs or .apl files associated with ArcPad Studio files. Create a new file through a geo-processing tool or try to import/export to a geodatabase and loose all associated ArcPad functionality.
    • A "back" button would be nice.
    • Delete files to recycle bin!!
    • Toggle automatically between Contents and Preview tabs depending on whether you select a folder or a file in the tree-view.
    • Improved drag and drop functionality - so often it just doesn't work.
    • Keyboard shortcuts like "ctrl c" don't work