QuickCapture side-by-side - Dynamically switch off if not maximised

Idea created by liamharrington_missin_OSR on May 21, 2020
    • liamharrington_missin_OSR

    Hi all,


    A bug i highlighted in this post Can not use QuickCapture on ipad whist split screen? prompted me to see an opportunity for improvement.  Thanks to Xiaoxu Li and Johnathan Hasthorpe for their quick attention to that bug.


    I love full side-by-side in full screen mode, but tablets enable you to partition the screen so that two apps (or maybe more in the future) can occupy the screen.  It would be good if QC could change to the one on top of other if it is suddenly squished into a smaller space on the tablet screen.  


    You can see what I mean in this video.  In full screen mode everything looks great, in float mode, it tries to hold onto side by side and it looks "less great".  At the moment I have to pick, either side by side or not.  If the app can be responsive to what I'm doing with it on the tablet that would be really cool.