Add construction plan management to the Utility Network

Idea created by joyoung_kerrvilletx on May 19, 2020

    This is an ambitious idea, but it would be a great benefit to utility providers to be able to manage construction plans (my organization refers to them as as-builts or record drawings) directly in the Utility Network. How I see this working is kind of like how the new Parcel Fabric works where there is a record and then other layers that are associated with that record. So when you add a new construction plan you are creating a new record with whatever attribute requirements your organization has and attaching a PDF or image of the construction plan to the record.


    Then allow the user to either assign the record to an asset as the asset is being created, or by selecting several existing assets and assign a record to them all at once. Assets should be allowed to be associated with multiple records, so when a user selects an asset they can see every construction project that asset has been a part of. Likewise, selecting a record should provide an option to see every asset that is associated with it.


    APIs and Arcade functions could be developed around this to do things like return records associated with an asset, return assets associated with a record, generate a schematic for the assets associated with a record, or select all assets that have a specific value in the attribute table of the records.


    This would allow for easy access to construction plans in the field (either online or offline) and the construction plans have details that are not always captured in the GIS layers.