Pro Geocoding - Add More Status Details

Idea created by AndrewsColeL on Apr 24, 2020
    • AndrewsColeL
    • jborgion

    The geocode dialog box shows the count of each match type, but we would like to see a "Total" count added. The percentage complete is just an approximation (it can show 100% when it's really not actually 100% complete), so a total records geocoded would provide better context and not require mental math. For extra credit, it would be an even bigger win if it showed rows left to geocode as well. That math already happened behind the scenes to approximate the percent complete, so just expose the raw counts. 


    As an example, this would look something like:

    • Matched = 500
    • Tied = 450
    • Unmatched = 50
    • Total Geocoded = 1,000
    • Remaining = 2,500