Attribute Transfer Tool - Save Settings

Idea created by dcakalic on Apr 21, 2020

    ArcMap 10.6 currently  (not Pro - we need tools not available there.)


    The spatial adjustment toolbar has a tool for Attribute Transfer, and interactive process where you select 1st feature and it transfers desired attributes to the 2nd feature you select.  This is exactly what I need!

    However, the tool is SEVERELY lacking a basic function:  The ability to save your settings  (Layers & fields participating.)


    In short, I'd like have a menu in the transfer mapping to:

    • Save current settings (with the ability to give it a name.)
    • Load saved settings (dropdown list of previously saved settings.)
    • Share & Import saved settings (so I can create the proper mappings, and share with entire team... knowing we are ALL using the proper settings.)



    • Method to place a saved setting as a button on toolbar... making it a ONE CLICK operation to switch between tool settings.
    • (This one is a dream... but if you wanted to make ArcMap fancy, think about this:   What if when the tool is active, the software was intelligent enough to place an (optional) Transparent HALO around each feature that can participate in current transfer... the source and target having different halo colors.)


    Reason this would be a good addition:

    It takes time to set up these transfer mappings.  That effort is LOST when a new transfer mapping situation comes up.


    It is woefully inefficient to repeatedly need to set these mappings... to the point that its often easier to identify the source and copy/paste the attributes one by one into the target feature - which seems silly, when there is already a tool RIGHT THERE on my toolbar that can (almost) do exactly what I need.  (Seriously, its painful how close this tool is to what  I need, hampered only by the lack of saving/recalling settings.)