Data shared to a private group accessible to download in Open Data site

Idea created by patrierc on Apr 21, 2020
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    We often received data request and we would like to share this data with external customers privately via our Open Data site as a downloadable item (CSV, Shapefile, File GDB ...). The data is shared as feature layer through a private group accessible by an external customer. The customer has a Viewer role with limited privileges in the organisation (not able to see organisation content...).


    When the customer is trying to download the data in our Open Data site (after signing in) the download button is not responding. The request is sent but no downloads are starting.


    After multiple test, we noticed that a different role is fixing the issue (publisher for example). But we don't want to give such a high role to an external customer.

    We also tried to share the data to the organisation and allow the customer to see the organisation content and the data is downloadable. Again the customer is external of our organisation and we don't want him to have access to all our content.


    It would be great if a user with a viewer role and minimum privileges could download a privately share item in a group via an Open Data site.


    Thanks for your help.