AGOL - Allow public to export data from item detail page

Idea created by lygismav on Apr 17, 2020


    In ArcGIS Online we can change a setting to allow users of our organization the ability to export data to different formats.  I would like this setting to also allow the public to be able to export data as well from the view item details page (when the layer is shared with everyone.)



    Figure 1.  Settings-->Export Data-->Allow others to export to different formats is enabled.


    Figure 2.  Per documentation this setting will allow only members of my organization to export data to a different format.



    Figure 3.   Members of the public may add the layer to ArcGIS Desktop and subsequently save the layer as a shapefile.  However, they may not directly export the data from the item detail page.



    Justification for this request:

    • Once the data is shared with everyone users may add the layer to ArcGIS Desktop and subsequently save the data in different formats.  Thus this setting provides absolutely no data security.  It just requires extra work for people outside of our organization to download data.
    • We could go through the work of adding an open data hub.  However, an open data hub may take a while to set up, and may not be appropriate for short lived data.