License availability notification...

Idea created by srigopi on Jun 18, 2010
    License availability notification.  It so happens many times that the required license say ArcInfo is being used by someone else and only ArcEdit or ArcView licenses are available.  A notification about the availablity would helpful.

    This is something similar to opening an excel workbook  being edited by some one else, there we find 3 options, read only, notify and cancel.  When we use notify option, the workbook opens read only.  When the other user finishes editing the workbook and closes the file, I get a notification that the file is available for editing, then I can opt to open the workbook in editing mode.

    The same kind of notification, can be implemented, to inform the user when a license he intends to use becomes available in the license server, so that the license can be used efficiently with minimal user intervention in communicating about the availability of the license.