HUB Branding Logo URL editing

Idea created by dmckenz on Apr 14, 2020
    • tjohnson_Dewberry
    • FranklinCountyPaGIS
    • dmckenz

    Our agency drives users to our ArcGIS Hub site for Open GIS data as well as a page that presents our interactive mapping applications.  The Agency web site as well as our HUB site are branded with our agency logo in the header.

    The default behavior of all links in our agency site is to replace the current page with the link target and for the logo image to take the user home.  In the case of HUB, the logo image is similar in that it takes one "home" to itself.  I would like the ability to configure the branding image link from my HUB page to target the URL of my agency home page to have consistent behavior for that image.  I have added a "home" link in the HUB header for now to provide the navigation alternative to the back arrow option until the image link is configurable.


    Thanks for your consideration.