Add ability to access the current user name in Arcade

Idea created by jbrod on Apr 10, 2020
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    Our organization currently uses class extensions applied to feature classes in a SDE geodatabase to manage edit permissions. Many people can have permission to edit features within a certain area (defined by a feature in a feature class). This works well in ArcMap but we would like to migrate to ArcPro. Editor Tracking in combination with Constraint Attribute Rules seems to be the best option for replacing the class extensions. It works well when a user inserts or updates a feature. But, Editor Tracking only fires on inserts and updates. It does not  fire on delete. There doesn't seem to be any way to check who the current user is when a delete is made to determine if they have permission to delete a feature in that specific location. The ability to access the current user name would make it possible to determine if the user has permission to delete a feature in a specific location using a Constraint Attribute Rule. This is the main issue keeping us from migrating to ArcPro.